Tracker Scam

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Motor Scam Alert

There is a new motor scam to steal vehicles and we would like to let you know how they are doing it .....

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Drunk driving warning from Ombud

Drunk driving warning from ombud

You are probably aware that if you crash your car while driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, your insurance company has the right to repudiate your claim, leaving you liable not only for the damage to your vehicle, but also for any other damage caused by the accident.......


New regulations for crossing the border

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has implemented new regulations that require drivers of cars with South African-registered plates to carry certified documents proving ownership. This new requirement will be implemented at all South African border posts, according to Vishnu Naidoo, SAPS head: Media Communications. 


The certified documents should include a certified copy of vehicle registration/vehicle license papers which must be presented at the border posts. This must be accompanied by a letter from the bank giving authorisation to take the vehicle across the border and must indicate dates of travel. Both the bank letter and license papers should be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths. 


If the driver of the vehicle is not the owner of the vehicle, an affidavit from the police giving authorisation from the financial institution/owner to take the vehicle abroad is required. If the car is rented, the driver must have a letter from the rental company giving permission to take the vehicle out of the country.


Regulations do change, and a customs officer advises SA travellers to check with the SA Auto Club on border regulation updates. 


Vehicle cloning a growing concern

“Perhaps one of the most growing concerns for the SAICB is the alarming rate at which vehicle “cloning” is increasing”  Read more go to


Important Security Hints and Tips to Consider During Load Shedding

In the light of the recent and continuous power cuts/load shedding throughout the country

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Remote Jamming

One should not assume the vehicle is locked merely because one pushed a button. Check first before walking away. Household remotes can block the signal of your cars remote. Please ensure ththat your vehicle is indeed locked before leaving the vehicle,especially if there are valuables in the vehicle.







Theft of spare wheels


The theft of spare wheels from light utility vehicles and SUVs is on the increase. According to Grip-Tech, a supplier of Execuline approved spare wheel locks, “conventional spare wheel locks hang just below the spare wheel on a shaft that fits loosely through a wheel lug hole ... Thieves attack the exposed shaft and snap off the hanging lock body.” Grip-Tech’s Auto-Grip Spare Wheel Lock “bolts directly onto the wheel so it will never damage the rim, and will never jam, even if buried in mud.”


Effectively immediately on all new business and existing policies from November 2014, an additional excess of R2500 will apply in the event of theft of a spare wheel unless the vehicle has been fitted with a Grip-Tech; Auto-Grip Spare Wheel Lock and proof of such fitment is submitted to Execuline prior to such a loss.

Auto-Grip Spare Wheel Lock Kits retail from R350 incl VAT from the factory in Midrand. Fitment by Vehicle dealerships and VESA fitment centers around the country will cost a little more but still well worth the peace of mind.



Towing Warning

Please do not let the towing operator phone your insurer on your behalf. In many circumstances the client gets duped into thinking eveything is all right but in the meantime the insurer knows nothing about the towing and you could be held liable for the towing costs and storage costs. Please contact the insurer yourself to verify the authourisation or phone Urban Assist who will help facilitate the tow.